WMA Condemns Further Postponement of the Case Against Professor Karabus

(23.04.2013) Today's postponement of the trial of Professor Cyril Karabus in the United Arab Emirates has been condemned by the World Medical Association as further proof of his inhumane treatment.

Professor Karabus, a 78-year-old retired paediatric oncologist, has been held in the UAE for nine months awaiting the outcome of a trial. Last month the court cleared him of all charges of manslaughter and forgery. But the prosecution lodged an appeal, as a result of which he is still on bail in the UAE and cannot leave the country.

Today's postponement follows a long line of similar postponements over the past few months and has increased concern over the Professor's health. 

Dr. Cecil Wilson, President of the WMA, said today: ‘The way in which Professor Karabus is being treated is a disgrace and contrary to the rule of law.'

At its Council meeting earlier this month, the WMA said that Prof. Karabus had been treated in a manner ‘which fails to meet international fair trial standards and he should be allowed to return home immediately'. The WMA also agreed to alert all physicians about the legal risks of working in the United Arab Emirates following the case, which began when Professor Karabus was arrested in August last year in relation to the death of a child under his care in the UAE in 2002.