WMA Advises Physicians About Working in The United Arab Emirates

(04.04.2013) The World Medical Association will alert all physicians about the
risks of working in the United Arab Emirates, following the case of
Professor Cyril Karabus, the retired paediatric oncologist, who
remains on bail in the UAE despite being absolved of manslaughter
charges against him.

At their Council meeting in Bali, WMA delegates expressed their
extreme concern that Prof. Karabus, who was arrested in August last
year in relation to the death of a child under his care in the UAE in
2002, is awaiting a further court hearing next week.

They passed a resolution saying that Prof. Karabus is believed to have
been treated in a manner ‘which fails to meet international fair
trial standards and he should be allowed to return home immediately'.

The meeting also decided that in the light of this experience, the WMA
will publish an advisory notice in the World Medical Journal and on
the WMA website advising doctors thinking of working in the UAE to
note the working conditions and the legal risks of employment there.
The WMA will also encourage its 102 member associations to publish
similar advisory notices in their national publications. 

Dr. Cecil Wilson, President of the WMA, said: ‘The expert
medical panel appointed by the court to advise it on whether there was
any evidence against Professor Karabus, advised the judge that there
was no evidence to support the case. The judge dismissed all charges
and a ruling of not guilty was given. 

‘The prosecutors have appealed the court's ruling. This means
that Professor Karabus has to remain in the United Arab Emirates
indefinitely. We regard this with the gravest concern and are
appealing to the UAE authorities to allow Professor Karabus to return