World Medical Association Council Meeting

(12.03.2013)  April 4-6, Bali, Indonesia

The next meeting of the WMA Council will be in Bali next month, when physician leaders from national medical associations around the world will debate a number of key issues.

Chief among these will be proposals to amend the Declaration of Helsinki on medical research involving human subjects. These changes have been the subject of debate at several expert conferences and WMA meetings over the past two years and if the proposed wording is approved by the Council in Bali, it may decide to issue the document for public consultation. Further debate is scheduled to take place at the WMA General Assembly in Brazil in October, where if the Council agrees, the Assembly will be asked to adopt the revised Declaration.

Other issues to be discussed at the Council include health and the environment, violence against women and girls, euthanasia and the use of the death penalty.

Although the meeting is not open to the media, anyone wanting more information or wishing to interview participants should contact Nigel Duncan.

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