09.12.2013 Clinical trials: Not enough safeguards for EU Citizens
09.12.2013 World Medical Association demands investigation into doctor's death
09.12.2013 Turkey: international experts warn against criminalizing independent medical care in emergencies
15.11.2013 The Global Climate and Health Alliance
22.10.2013 WMA General Assembly
21.10.2013 WMA Condemns Portrayal of Homosexuality as a Disease
19.10.2013 WMA Lifts Suspension Imposed on President Elect
19.10.2013 WMA Publishes its Revised Declaration of Helsinki
18.10.2013 New WMA President Urges Physicians to Advocate for the Poor
09.09.2013 WMA Annual General Assembly
06.09.2013 WMA Condemns Way of Importing Physicians by Brazil Government
28.08.2013 WMA's Revised Declaration of Helsinki to be Circulated for Further Debate and Approval
24.08.2013 WMA Expresses Concern Over Imprisonment in Egypt of Canadian Doctor
01.08.2013 WMA Declaration of Helsinki Meeting
26.06.2013 ICRC and World Medical Association to Work Together for Safer Health-Care Delivery
05.06.2013 WMA Urges Turkish Authorities to End Excessive Force
30.05.2013 Patients’ safety should be at the core of medical research
22.05.2013 Fears About Using Morphine Leading to Unnecessary Pain for Millions, Says Consultant
21.05.2013 Low Level of Immunization Rates among Health Care Professionals Highlighted by WMA
20.05.2013 World's Health Professions Call for New Emphasis on Working Together
18.05.2013 WMA Welcomes The Release of Professor Karabus
16.05.2013 WHO Director General Urged to Condemn Violence Against Health Professionals
14.05.2013 WMA Condemns Bid to Ban Industrial Action by Health Professionals
23.04.2013 WMA Condemns Further Postponement of the Case Against Professor Karabus
19.04.2013 WMA Launches Influenza Immunization Campaign for Physicians
15.04.2013 Public Consultation opens on WMA Helsinki Declaration
08.04.2013 WMA Council Meeting
06.04.2013 Public to be Consulted Over Changes to the WMA’s Declaration OF Helsinki
04.04.2013 WMA Advises Physicians About Working in The United Arab Emirates
29.03.2013 Arab Medical Associations Meet to Discuss Ethics of Detention
21.03.2013 WMA Welcomes The Release of Professor Karabus
22.03.2013 WMA Launches New Tuberculosis Course Application
12.03.2013 World Medical Association Council Meeting
01.03.2013 WMA President Highlights Inequality of Global Healthcare