Health Organisations Urge Immediate Action to Tackle Climate Change

(03.12.2012) A declaration calling for the protection and promotion of health to be made one of the central priorities of the global policy response to climate change was issued today by an alliance of health organisations including the World Medical Association.

The so-called Doha Declaration on Climate, Health and Wellbeing was launched at the climate change summit in Doha, Qatar. Dr. Cecil Wilson, President of the WMA, said: ‘The declaration is an important statement from leading health organisations around the world and builds on last year's successful climate change health summit. The statement illustrates why we are extremely worried about the slow progress at the international climate change negotiations and it highlights the health benefits of tackling climate change.

‘The world's leaders still do not appear to recognise the impact on health as a result of climate change. If these health implications continue to be overlooked, the world population will be exposed to serious consequences. It is time for the world's leaders to show leadership and to act now before it is too late'.