03.12.2012 Health Organisations Urge Immediate Action to Tackle Climate Change
28.11.2012 Expert Conference to Discuss Revising Declaration of Helsinki
23.11.2012 Closer Co-operation between Physicians and Veterinarians More Urgent Than Ever
19.11.2012 WMA calls for a Fair Trial for Professor Karabus
13.10.2012 WMA support for Professor Karabus
16.10.2012 WMA General Assembly
15.10.2012 WMA urges All Governments to Adopt Plain Cigarette Packs
15.10.2012 WMA supports Minimum Unit Pricing for Alcohol
12.10.2012 New WMA President Highlights Three Challenges Facing World
01.10.2012 Bahrain Court Decision Condemned by WMA
28.09.2012 World Medical Association General Assembly
27.09.2012 WMA urges Bahraini Authorities to Overturn Prison Sentences
20.09.2012 Physicians Face Threats and Opportunities from Using Social Media
30.08.2012 WMA Annual General Assembly
16.08.2012 WMA hails Australian Government Victory on Tobacco
14.08.2012 WMA calls Expert Conference on Revising Declaration of Helsinki
30.05.2012 Health Professionals renew Ceasefire Plea to Syrian Leader
28.05.2012 New Action to Protect Health Workers Welcomed
23.05.2012 Governments Must Do More To Invest in End-of-Life Care
22.05.2012 Global Health Leaders Urge Release of Bahraini Health Professionals
22.05.2012 US Health Secretary Speaks About Benign Neglect of Women's Health
10.05.2012 World Medical Association Reiterates its Policies on Hunger Strikes
30.04.2012 WMA Council Meeting
30.04.2012 WMA Appalled by Beheading of Red Cross Worker
28.04.2012 Syrian and Bahrain Governments urged to Protect Health Care
28.04.2012 Turkish Government urged to Restore Powers to Medical Association
23.04.2012 Experts gather to tackle threats to health care from armed violence
19.04.2012 WMA President Joins Turkish Demonstration After Death Of Doctor
06.03.2012 World Medical Association Condemns Reports of Ill Treatment by Physicians in Syria
01.03.2012 World Medical Association joins call for cease fire in Syria
02.02.2012 New Global Appeal Launched To End The Stigma Of Leprosy
01.02.2012 WMA defends Physicians’ Self-Governance against Government Attacks