16.03.2011 WMA sends Message of Solidarity to its Japanese Colleagues
16.03.2011 Attacks on Medical Personnel Causing Increasing Concern
07.04.2011 Australian Family Physician becomes Chair of the World Medical Association
09.04.2011 World's Physicians urge end to Sanctions against Ivory Coast
10.04.2011 World Physicians Intensify Campaign against Smoking
11.04.2011 World Medical Association Council
19.04.2011 First Global Body of Junior Doctors formed under Auspices of World Medical Association
11.05.2011 Alarm Expressed Over Arrest of Nurses and Physicians
12.05.2011 World Health Organization urged to act over Assaults on Health Personnel and Facilities
16.05.2011 Health Professions Unite to Issue Warning on Global Epidemic of Non-Communicable Diseases
17.05.2011 Call for Compulsory Drug Detention Centres to be closed
24.05.2011 World Medical Association expands TB Training for Physicians
09.06.2011 Doctors and Nurses Leaders call for Fair Trial in Bahrain
12.08.2011 WMA welcomes New Campaign to Protect Healthcare in Conflict Zones
22.08.2011 WMA concern over Treatment of Former Ukrainian Prime Minister
29.08.2011 WMA congruatulates Australia on Legislating for Plain Cigarette Packaging
05.09.2011 Global Bodies call for end to Forced Sterilisation
13.09.2011 WMA Annual General Assembly
16.09.2011 WMA appeals to King of Bahrain over Trial of Health Professionals
19.09.2011 WMA urges United Nations to abandon Silo Approach to Non Communicable Diseases
30.09.2011 WMA condemns Prison Sentences on Physicians in Bahrain
12.10.2011 World Medical Association demands Fair Retrial of Health Professionals
14.10.2011 World Physician Leaders Appeal Directly to King of Bahrain
14.10.2011 Time for Physicians to take the lead, says New WMA President
15.10.2011 Physicians must be considered as Neutral in Armed Conflicts and Civil Unrest
16.10.2011 World Medical Association urges End to Unneccessary Pain for Millions
17.10.2011 World Medical Association General Assembly
18.10.2011 Physicians urged to extend their role on Root Causes of Ill Health
25.10.2011 WMA asks Doctors to rise to Challenges of Tackling the Root Causes of Ill Health
26.10.2011 Syrian Government urged to Stop Targeting Physicians
23.11.2011 WMA condemns Tobacco Company for Challenging Plain Cigarette Packaging