World Medical Association Urges all Physicians to Maintain Highest Ethical Standards

Allegations that physicians in Zimbabwe have been involved in violence have been refuted by Dr. Paul Chimedza, President of the Zimbabwe Medical Association.

Speaking at a World Medical Association Council meeting in Divonne-les-Bains, France, Dr. Chimedza said there was not a shred of evidence to support these allegations and it was very sad that such allegations had been spread.

The Zimbabwe Medical Association was against all forms of violence perpetrated by whichever political party. The Association would remain apolitical and would resist being used as a pressure group.

He told the meeting how the Association and its members were helping to make the lives of people in Zimbabwe better, by holding clinics in rural areas and refurbishing hospital theatres and HIV clinics.

He added that their members had not reported any cases of people being refused treatment on the basis of their political affiliation.

Dr. Chimedza said the Zimbabwe Medical Association would welcome a visit from a WMA delegation to see what was happening in the country.

After listening to Dr Chimedza, the WMA Council passed a resolution calling on all physicians to maintain the highest ethical standards. At its General Assembly meeting last year the WMA urged national medical associations to publicly denounce all human rights abuses and violations of the right to health in Zimbabwe and to actively protect physicians there who are threatened or intimidated. It encouraged the Zimbabwe Medical Association to commit to eradicating torture and inhumane, degrading treatment of citizens in Zimbabwe, and reaffirm support for the clinical independence of physicians treating any citizen of Zimbabwe.