18.01.2008 Increase in Training of Doctors called for by World Medical Association
05.02.2008 Physicians call for zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation across the World
12.02.2008 World Medical Association takes over Secretariat of Health Professions Alliance
07.03.2008 Call for equal Access to Cervical Cancer Treatment for all Women and Girls
13.05.2008 Lilly commits $1mm to World Medical Association to support Innovative Tuberculosis Training Course
17.05.2008 World Medical Association Urges all Physicians to Maintain Highest Ethical Standards
19.05.2008 Leaders of the World's Health Professions step up their Support for professional self Regulation
20.06.2008 Revisions to Helsinki Declaration circulated for Comment
11.08.2008 WMA urges Respect for Physicians' Professional Independence in Georgian Conflict
16.10.2008 Financial Crisis may hasten move to Shift Responsibilities away from Doctors, warns outgoing WMA President
17.10.2008 New Speaking Book on clinical Trials aimed at African Populations with low Literacy Levels
17.10.2008 Health Care Systems must be protected from Economic Recession, says new WMA President
18.10.2008 World Medical Association elects Canadian President for 2009/10
18.10.2008 World Medical Association General Assembly
19.10.2008 Doctors' Clinical Independence Essential to High Quality Medical Care, says WMA
20.10.2008 WMA reaffirms Primacy of Patients in Medical Research
17.11.2008 World Medical Association launches new Programme to equip Physicians for Leadership on Health Care Reform