WMA urges politicians and actors to set an example by stopping smoking

The World Medical Association has called on people in the public eye to set an example to the young by not smoking.

In a statement to mark World No Tobacco Day tomorrow (Wednesday), Dr Yoram Blachar, chair of the WMA, said:

'For a smoke free environment more has to be done, and the WMA calls on all governments to do more against smoking and passive smoking.

'In many countries public buildings are not smoke free. Even in restaurants people still have to inhale toxic fumes from smokers nearby. That is unacceptable.

'Whenever people smoke in public they give a bad example to young people. In particular, people in public life, like actors and politicians, should refrain from smoking. If they are smokers, they should show that they are able to stop smoking. That would be a demonstration of good leadership.

'But we can all make a difference. Whenever we go into a restaurant or hotel, we should demand a smoke-free table or room. If that is not available, choose another location or, if that is not possible, complain. We should demand a healthy environment. Every day - everywhere.

'Smoking kills hundred thousands of people every year. Reason enough for action. Now'.