12.01.2004 WMA leader urges further action to combat violence
30.01.2004 WMA work group seeks further advice on Declaration of Helsinki
27.02.2004 Help urged for universities in developing countries
23.03.2004 World Medical Association pleads for doctors and dentists imprisoned in Cuba
06.04.2004 WMA regrets Maltese Government's decision to delay no smoking ban
13.04.2004 Historic Gathering of Key Health Professions
24.04.2004 World Medical Association "appalled" at oral mutilation in parts of Africa
15.05.2004 WMA calls for Greater Physician Involvement in Preparing for Health Emergencies
15.05.2004 WMA Appeals to Libya to Lift Death Sentences
16.05.2004 Health professionals issue a wake up call on AIDS
17.05.2004 World Medical Association council meeting
07.06.2004 International Health Professional Poll Puts Heart Disease, Obesity and Cancer As Top Health Problems
09.06.2004 Governments should pay more Attention to Children's Health Rights, says WMA
12.06.2004 Physicians should report acts of torture, says WMA President
24.06.2004 World's physicians make final plea for tobacco control treaty
27.07.2004 WMA : Letter sent to the British Prime Minister
27.08.2004 WMA General Assembly
07.09.2004 New Online Human Rights Course for Prison Doctors
09.10.2004 Physicians and Patients urged to fight Barriers to Quality Patient Care
09.10.2004 WMA issues new Guidelines on the Relationship between Physicians and commercial Enterprises
09.10.2004 Physicians' ethical Duty in Times of armed Conflict reiterated
10.10.2004 Plea for every Human to have Access to safe drinking Water
11.10.2004 New WMA Secretary General appointed
11.10.2004 Clarification on Declaration of Helsinki
28.10.2004 World Medical Association launches search for the world's most caring physicians
18.11.2004 Physicians for Human Rights moves to Cambridge; artists and activists will collaborate in new space
27.12.2004 World Medical Association urges physicians to aid earthquake disaster victims