28.01.2003 Dr Jong Wook Lee nominated to be WHO Director-General
24.04.2003 Newark, N.J., Forum Focuses on Medical, Pharmaceutical Ethics
15.05.2003 New Plans To Detect Torture Announced
16.05.2003 World Medical Association Urges Taiwan's Acceptance To The Who As An Observer
18.05.2003 Global Network For Physicians Should Be Developed, Says WMA
18.05.2003 The Law And Medical Ethics
19.05.2003 Health Ministers Urged To Stand Firm On Tobacco Action
20.05.2003 World Medical Association 164th Council Meeting
23.06.2003 Physicians Under Threat, Warns WMA President
26.06.2003 United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
26.06.2003 Message by Secretary-General Kofi Annan for the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
30.06.2003 World Medical Association Appoints New Head Of Medical Ethics
30.06.2003 Global Communication Network for Physicians and Other Health Professionals
26.06.2003 Declaration on Tobacco Free Initiative by Physicians
11.09.2003 Patients Becoming more Empowered, New Study Finds
12.09.2003 Quality of Medical Education at Risk from Growing Number of Medical Schools
13.09.2003 New WMA President Condemns Ill Treatment of Children
13.09.2003 Physicians Urged to Denounce Acts of Torture
14.09.2003 WMA to Continue Discussion on Declaration of Helsinki
15.09.2003 Action Urged to Improve Response to World Health Epidemics
15.09.2003 World Medical Association General Assembly
10.10.2003 WMA Leaders in Talks on Implementing New Guidelines for Torture Documentation
29.10.2003 Developed World Warned to Avoid Complacency over SARS
17.12.2003 Urgent need for new drugs in sub Saharan Africa, says WMA President
30.12.2003 Young Doctors should work in Poorer Nations, says WMA President