Former Secretary General Of Nigerian Medical Association To Address World Medical Association

Dr Beko Ransome-Kuti, the former secretary general of the Nigerian Medical Association, who was released from prison in Nigeria several weeks ago, is to address the World Medical Association at its annual General Assembly in Ottawa, Canada, next month. Dr Ransome-Kuti was imprisoned for three years on charges of conspiracy against the Government after being accused of being involved in a coup against the Nigerian Government. During his imprisonment the WMA lobbied vigorously for his release, both privately and publicly. Dr Ransome-Kuti was released on June 16 this year.

He will address the WMA meeting on Saturday 17 October.

The WMA is holding its 50th annual General Assembly meeting at the Westin Ottawa Hotel in Ottawa, Canada from October 14 to 18. Scientific sessions will be held on Thursday 15 October and Friday 16 October when speakers from across the world will discuss the challenges facing medicine.

Among the policy proposals to be presented to the General Assembly on Saturday 17 October are:

  • a proposed Resolution on Investment in Health Care;
  • a proposed Declaration on the Rights of the Child to Health Care;
  • a proposed Resolution on the Medical Workforce;
  • a proposed Resolution on Nuclear Weapons.

The WMA Council and its Committees will also look at new policy proposals on the following topics:

  • Ethical guidelines relating to the use of telemedicine
  • Third World Debt
  • The Hague Peace Process 1999
  • Doping and Sport

Debates are also likely to take place on a review of the WMA Declaration of Helsinki on biomedical research involving human subjects, the development of a framework for examining ethical issues related to cloning technologies and human organ trafficking.

The WMA will actively participate in WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY on 31 May, 1999. The WMA Secretary General will act as convener of a workgroup coordinating activities for the day on behalf of healthprofessionals and the pharmaceutical industry. Your help and support will be much appreciated.