South African Medical Association And World Medical Association Seek Partners For Tobacco Control

The establishing of a Tobacco Control Resource Centre for Southern Africa by 31 May next year was set as a top priority at an exploratory meeting of the South African Medical Association, the Democratic Nursing Association of SA (DENOSA), the Tobacco Action Group (TAG) and the World Medical Association in Pretoria yesterday (27 October).

Conceptually, the Resource Centre will promote knowledge and improve the skills of health personnel in helping people stop smoking through the sharing of information by worldwide networking, and support to national medical associations. A similar Resource Centre for the European Forum of Medical Associations has been established in London, while another is planned for Asia.

Yesterday's meeting follows on the commitment given by the SA Medical Association and World Medical Association in June to embark on an initiative with other stakeholders to combat smoking addiction as a major health threat to the world.

Dr Delon Human, chief executive of the WMA said he was most impressed by the commitment and work done by South African health professionals and organisations in trying to reduce tobacco use.

'However, like elsewhere in the world, resources for -tobacco control campaigns - financial and human - fall far short of what is spent on promoting tobacco products globally, namely $1 billion against $400 billion.'

He said the WMA's objectives in promoting the establishing of Tobacco Control Resource Centres throughout the world was to strengthen efforts through globalisation, generating and sharing information, customisation of projects, promoting best practices, and joint political action.

Dr Tony Mbewu chairperson of the Medical Association's Science and Education Committee, thanked DENOSA and TAG for their enthusiasm, and stressed that the success of the initiative depended on involvement of all health professionals and interest groups. The first step was therefore to invite them to be part of a working group that will convene early in January to consider strategy and action plans.

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