Handbook (V)

Keyword Title Date Type
V Vaccination WMA Statement on Human Papillomavirus Vaccination 18.10.2013 Statement
WMA Statement on the Prioritisation of Immunisation 12.10.2012 Statement
Vaccines WMA Statement on Human Papillomavirus Vaccination 18.10.2013 Statement
Vehicle Emissions WMA Statement on the Prevention of Air pollution due to Vehicle Emissions 10.10.2014 Statement
Venice WMA Declaration of Venice on Terminal Illness 13.10.2006 Declaration of Venice
Veterinary Medicine WMA Resolution on Collaboration between Human and Veterinary Medicine 30.09.2008 Resolution
Violation WMA Resolution on Reported Violations of Health Related Human Rights in Kosovo 30.09.1998 Resolution
Violence WMA Statement on the Protection and Integrity of Medical Personnel in Armed Conflicts and Other Situations of Violence 14.10.2011 Statement
WMA Statement on Animal Use in Biomedical Research 13.10.2006 Statement
WMA Statement on Family Violence 17.10.2010 Declaration
WMA Statement on Violence and Health 16.09.2003 Statement
WMA Resolution on Violence against Women and Girls 19.10.2010 Resolution
WMA Statement on Violence in the Health Sector by Patients and Those Close to Them 12.10.2012 Statement
Violence against Women WMA Statement on Female Genital Mutilation 30.04.2005 Statement
Virus WMA Council Resolution on Zika Virus Infection 29.04.2016 Resolution
WMA Resolution on Zika Virus Infection 27.03.2017 Resolution
Vitamin D WMA Statement on Vitamin D Insufficiency 16.10.2015 Statement
Vulnerable Populations WMA Declaration of Helsinki - Ethical Principles for Medical Research Involving Human Subjects 19.10.2013 Declaration of Helsinki