Handbook (B)

Keyword Title Date Type
B Bahrain WMA Council Resolution on Bahrain 11.10.2011 Resolution
WMA Council Resolution on Danger in Health Care in Syria and Bahrain 27.04.2012 Resolution
WMA Resolution on Bahrain 14.10.2011 Resolution
Basic Medical Education WMA Resolution on WFME Global Standards for Quality Improvement of Medical Education 08.10.2004 Resolution
Binge Drinking WMA Resolution on a Minimum Unit Price for Alcohol 14.10.2012 Resolution
Bio Patents WMA Statement on Genetics and Medicine 16.10.2009 Statement
Biobanks WMA Declaration of Taipei on Ethical Considerations regarding Health Databases and Biobanks 22.10.2016 Declaration
Bioequivalence WMA Statement on Drug Substitution 30.09.2005 Statement
Biological Weapons WMA Declaration of Washington on Biological Weapons 15.05.2003 Declaration
Biomechanics WMA Statement on Injury Control 13.10.2006 Declaration
Bird Flu WMA Statement on Avian and Pandemic Influenza 24.02.2017 Statement
Bisexual WMA Statement on Natural Variations of Human Sexuality 18.10.2013 Statement
Body Cavity Search WMA Statement on Body Searches of Prisoners 30.04.2005 Statement
Bolivia WMA Council Resolution in Support of the Bolivian Medical Association 13.10.2006 Resolution
Boxing WMA Statement on Boxing 30.04.2005 Statement
Boycott WMA Resolution on Economic Embargoes and Health 31.10.1997 Resolution
Boycotts WMA Resolution on Academic Sanctions or Boycotts 30.04.2005 Resolution
Brain Drain WMA Council Resolution on the healthcare Skills Drain 14.05.2005 Resolution
Brain Injury WMA Statement on Boxing 30.04.2005 Statement
Branding WMA Resolution on Plain Packaging of Cigarettes 13.10.2012 Resolution
Brazil WMA Resolution in Support of the Brazilian Medical Association 18.10.2013 Resolution